Data Management Plan Tools for UF Faculty

Funding agencies are responding to the current increase in data-centered and data-driven research by requiring researchers think ahead about the work and data flows in their proposed projects and to document this in a data management plan (DMP). University of Florida researchers can draw upon institutional infrastructure and expertise in developing these plans. The Smathers Libraries and UFIT Research Computing are taking the lead in supporting researchers in their efforts to create solid data management plans in order to become more competitive in getting proposals funded.

Have you been asked to create a data management plan by a funding agency? Are you aware of the key components of a data management plan independent of the program solicitation? Do you want to create your own data management plan? You can learn through using the DMPTool.

If you would like to schedule a data management training workshop presentation for your department and/or request DMPTool training, then contact the Data Management and Curation Working GroupSubject Liaisons or the Data Management Librarian.

Data Management Presentation