All UFCD Faculty Refereed Publications
July 2012 through July 2019

2018-2019 Publications

Brandao TB, Morais-Faria K, Ribeiro ACP, Rivera C, Salvajoli JV, Lopes MA, Epstein JB, Arany PR, de Castro G, JMigliorati CA, Santos-Silva Poelm, MR, Brand HS, Forouzanfar T, Daley EM, Jager DHJ (2018) Locally advanced oral squamous cell carcinoma patients treated with photobiomodulation for prevention of oral mucositis: retrospective outcomes and safety analyses. Support Care Cancer , 2417-23 PMID: 29423682
Bohn K, Voigt A, Sukumaran S, Stewart CS, Bhattacharyya I, Nguyen C. (2018) Unique glandular ex-vivo Th1 and Th17 receptor motifs in sjögren’s syndrome patients using single-cell analysis. Clinical Immunology , 58-67 PMID: 29679709
Rohrs EL, Neubert JK, Caudle RM, Allen KD. (2018) Behavioral characteristics of capsaicin mediated cutaneous, myogenic, and arthrogenic orofacial nociception in rats. Arch Oral Biol, 18-24 PMID: 29738922
Zeng, L., and R. A. Burne. (2018) Preferred hexoses influence long-term memory and induction of lactose catabolism by Streptococcus mutans. Appl. Environ. Microbiol, PMID: 29752268
Alotaiby F, Song F, Boyce BJ, Cao D, Zhao Y, Lai J (2018) Unusual papillary squamous cell carcinoma of the tip of tongue presenting in a patient status post heart transplant. Anticancer Res, 4203-6 PMID: 29970551
Velsko IM, Shaddox LM (2018) Consistent and reproducible long-term in vitro growth of health and disease associated oral subgingival biofilms. BMC Microbiol, PMID: 29996764
Thompson KA, Bulls HW, Sibille KT, Bartley EJ, Glover TL, Terry EL, Vaughn IA, Cardoso JS, Sotolongo A, Staud R, Hughes LB, Edberg JC, Redden DT, Bradley LA, Goodin BR, Fillingim RB (2018) Optimism and psychological resilience are beneficially associated with measures of clinical and experimental pain in adults with or at risk for knee osteoarthritis. Clin J Pain, 1164-72 PMID: 30036216
Kressirer CA, Chen T, Lake Harriman K, Frias-Lopez J, Dewhirst FE, Tavares MA, Tanner AC (2018) Functional profiles of coronal and dentin caries in children. J Oral Microbiol, PMID: 30034639
Stefos S, Zoidis P, Nimmo A (2018) Managing gag reflex during removable partial denture treatment: a review and a clinical report. J Prosthodont, PMID: 30039899
Roulet J-F. (2018) Fake news, fake science – the black side of the internet. Stoma Edu J , 138-139

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