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2023 Spring Synergy Awards

A huge thank you to everyone who made the UF College of Dentistry’s 2023 Spring Synergy event successful on March 31. The annual research day…

spring synergy 2023

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Dental Clinical Research Unit

The intent of clinical research is to explore the effectiveness and safety of medication, devices, diagnostic products and treatment regimens, which can lead to improved oral health care.

Clinical Research Unit

DMD/PhD combined-degree program

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DMD/PhD Combined-Degree Program

Established in 2012, the DMD/PhD program trains future leaders in academic research to tackle clinical disorders related to oral health. Students undergo doctoral training while working part-time to complete their fourth year of dental school. Successful applicants must be highly qualified for admission to the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences as well as to the UF College of Dentistry DMD Program.

James Jang, DMD/PhD Candidate


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