Post-Award Administration
UFDC Office of Research Grants Core

Procedures and Responsibilities

The Grants Core provides post-award administration and accounting for all sponsored research and restricted funds to the College of Dentistry administration, departments and centers. Listed below are the roles and responsibilities of each individual who plays an essential part in the success of our college’s post-award administration and research accounting.

Principal Investigator
•Read and understand award guidelines
•Ensure compliance with all university and agency policies
•Review fiscal reports on regular basis, with particular attention to effort distributions and reasonable and allocable expenditures
•Provide departmental fiscal staff and grants accounting core with lab contacts for purchasing and receiving of research/lab materials, equipment and supplies
•Provide grants accounting core and departmental administrator with staff effort distribution requests for sponsored research funds
•Provide grants accounting core with F&A distributions for all new awards and changes to existing allocations to ensure IDC returns are distributed as desired
•Certify staff effort ensuring compliance to proposal and award specifications
•Complete progress reports and required close-out documents on time
•Review and approve faculty and staff commitments at the proposal level
•Knowledge of current grant awards within department
•Oversight of faculty effort supported by grants
•Ensure compliance with all university and agency guidelines
•Ensure that staff provide the Core with all necessary information and documentation in a timely manner
Departmental Administrator
•May assist PI with proposal development and submission
•Knowledge of current grant awards
•Ensure compliance with all university and agency policies
•Manage the hiring of grant personnel and meet all HR requirements for employees appointed to grant projects, including informing Grants Core of staffing appointments to ensure distribution to appropriate funding source
•Enter faculty and staff effort in accordance with award guidelines
•Ensure travel authorizations and expense reports are appropriate and completed within the time allotted as indicated by the university and agency
•Assist faculty with progress reports and required close-out documents when needed
•Assist with preparation of Center reports
Lab Manager
•Serve as the PI’s designee for purchasing and receiving
•Ensure compliance to all university and agency guidelines
•Purchase lab supplies with the use of purchase orders and/or PCards ensuring appropriateness of expenditure
•Ensure receipt of all purchases with proper documentation
•Provide departmental fiscal staff with packing slips and invoices on a daily basis to ensure timely processing of expenditures 
     ◦Invoices and packing slips must include:
          ◦signature of the PI or designee
          ◦date of receipt
          ◦expenditure funding source/project number
          ◦Research Justification (with special attention given to purchases that are for: Equipment, Split items, Purchases outside the budget, High price items, Foreign travel)
Departmental Fiscal Staff
•Ensure compliance with all university and agency guidelines
•Assist faculty and lab managers with purchase orders for maintenance agreements and equipment purchases when needed
•Process all invoices to the correct funding source as indicated by PI and lab managers, ensuring appropriateness
•Reconcile PCard charges
•Complete journal entries as need to correct discrepancies
•Provide complete and well organized fiscal documentation to grants accounting core for monthly reconciliation
      ◦Invoices should include:
           ◦voucher number on first page
           ◦total amount of expense on front page; i.e., if more than one invoice is combined into one expenditure
           ◦if the expenditure is paid from two or more funding sources indicate exact amounts and funding sources
           ◦provide any special purchasing justification for questionable expenditures
Research Administration Core
The primary responsibilities are outlined below:
• Assist with development of proposals
• Prepare administrative reports for submission to sponsors
• Keep PI informed of the financial status of the award and assist in the administration of the award
• Provide the PI with business and accounting expertise
• Process financial and budget transactions and review project status monthly to ensure only allowable costs are recorded and project expenditures are within budgetary constraints
• Maintain and monitor effort commitments for faculty
• Establish appropriate accounting structure to satisfy sponsor financial reporting requirements
• Provides fiscal reports and reconciliation review for restricted and non-restricted accounts; such as IDC and miscellaneous donors
purchasing receiving grants disbursement chart