Proposals and Pre-Award

As an administrative unit within the UFCD Dean’s office, the Office of Research reviews and approves all proposal submissions on behalf of the Associate Dean for Research and/or the Dean. In addition, the office offers guidance and resources for UFCD faculty submitting proposal applications to both external and internal sources.

Staff can assist in the following areas:

•Identification of potential funding sources
•Assistance with pre-submission procedures
•Budget development
•Review of proposal submissions for agency specifications
•Liaison for internal review, routing and approval processes

In order to provide the most effective service to our college, the following guidelines establish roles and responsibilities, review requirements and submission timelines for all stakeholders: College Guidelines for Proposal Submission

Find Funding
The UFCD Office of Research and/or the UF Division of Research Program Development can provide resources to faculty searching for sponsored funding.
UFCD Funding Resources Webpage
UF Proposal Development Resources
Getting Started in Research at UF: A Guide for New Faculty

UF and UFCD Requirements for Proposal Submissions
Both the College and the University have requirements associated with any request for sponsored funding. All proposals submitted to external sponsors must include facilities and administrative cost (IDC). Faculty and staff effort to conduct the project must be reflected accurately in light of the scope of work. All proposals must be entered and submitted for approval through the UF UFIRST system.
Facilities and Administrative (Indirect) Cost Rates
UFCD Effort Commitments and Cost Share Reporting
UFIRST: UF Integrated Research Support Tool

Cost Sharing
Click here for a detailed policy.

The College of Dentistry requires that all cost sharing is approved in advance, by the Chair and Dean. Contact the Office of Research for more information.
Per University policy, only mandatory cost sharing is offered to sponsors. Mandatory cost sharing requirements are usually defined by law, statute, agency regulations, or written in the application guidelines for a specific program. When there is mandatory cost sharing a copy of the Request for Proposal (RFP), regulations or guidelines must be submitted with the proposal. Voluntary cost sharing is discouraged but allowable in certain circumstances. All committed mandatory and voluntary cost sharing is documented and tracked in the UF Peoplesoft system.

UFCD Cost Share Approval Form (use only when directed by UFCD Office of Research)
Proposal Deadlines
Most sponsors have proposal receipt deadlines. Principal investigators should check sponsor guidelines for submission timelines. The UF Office of Research highly recommends that proposals are submitted to their office at least two days prior to the sponsor deadlines.

NIH Standard Receipt, Review and Award Cycles
HRSA Application Schedule
Resources for Budget Preparation
One of the most important aspects of proposal development is preparing an appropriate budget and writing a corresponding budget justification. Listed below are common resources and guidelines to assist with budget formulation:

Guide to Developing a Budget
UF Cost Accounting Standards
UFCD Excel Work Sheet for Budget Calculations
UF Facilities and Administrative (F&A)/Indirect Costs (IDC) Rates
Current UF Fringe Benefit Rates
Number of UF Pay Periods
Graduate Student Tuition Rates
NIH NRSA Stipend Levels
Salary Cap History (FY1990 – Present)
Checklist for Sub-Recipients