Guidelines – Faculty Effort Commitments and Cost Share Reporting

All cost shared faculty effort is subject to the approval of the department Chair and Dean. Approval is required in advance of the committed time period and applicable primarily at the time a proposal is prepared, to be submitted to an external agency. The UFCD Office of Research requires a cost sharing commitment form at the time of proposal submission

Definition: Faculty effort is considered cost shared when a faculty member devotes effort to an externally funded project, but receives no funding for that effort. The effort may or may not be required by a funding agency but should be captured in the UF effort tracking system.

Types of salary cost share and effort reporting:

MandatoryStipulated by the sponsoring agency
•Reflected in a proposal to an external agency
•Agency requires the effort to be reported
•UFCD Cost Sharing commitment form
Voluntary committedNot required by the sponsoring agency
•Reflected in a proposal to an external agency
•UF has committed voluntary cost share toward the project
•May be reported at the request of a sponsoring agency
•UFCD Cost Sharing commitment form
Voluntary non-committedNot required by the agency but recorded as a form of “loaned/borrowed” in the effort reporting system.
•Not reflected in a proposal to a sponsoring agency •Internal commitment of non-funded effort by UF
•Non funded effort captured in the reporting system but not reported outside of UF.
•UFCD cost sharing commitment form required
•Examples: non funded effort due to NIH salary cap; where effort is required with no salary support and does not require a report to the agency, such as some NIH training grants or K Awards