The Dental Clinical Research Unit (DCRU)



Located on the first floor of the dental school, D1-27. Phone: 352-273-6678

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The University of Florida’s Health Science Center, with the College of Dentistry is committed to developing and expanding clinical research in areas such as patient care, disease prevention, oral/microbiology, biomaterials, and immunology. The intent of our clinical research is to explore the effectiveness and safety of medication, devices, diagnostic products, and treatment regimens that can lead to improved oral health care.  To facilitate clinical research the college established the Dental Clinical Research Unit (DCRU).  The DCRU provides space and resources for dental investigators including faculty, students, and external sponsors.

The DCRU has multiple operatories, a lab and a conference area.

Services include: assistance with in-vitro studies, pharmacology, microbiology, diagnostic methodology and data collection/management. The DCRU is staffed with study coordinators and dental assistants that provide expertise in clinical study development and implementation.

The college requires that all sponsored and resident clinical research is vetted through the DCRU staff. The staff ensures IRB documents are accurate, and confirms that the principal investigator has access to the necessary resources to complete the study. The college also requires that clinical research projects are entered into in the AxiUm clinical management system. In addition to meeting compliance requirements, research projects established in AxiUm give a research team the ability to collect data involving participants and treatments. For information regarding the “how” and “when” of conducting clinical research through AxiUm, please see this attached PowerPoint.

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Important Forms

Clinical Research Study Budget Worksheet

Approval to Use Clinical Resources for Research


Dr. Marcelle M. Nascimento

Program Director of DCRU

Marcelle Nascimento, D.D.S, M.S., Ph.D.

Associate Professor in the UF Department of Restorative Dental Sciences

Clinical Research Manager

Renita J. Jenkins, CCRC

Renita provides support for research protocols, clinical study proposals, IRB applications, study implementation, and compliance. Renita has worked within the DCRU since 2014, providing expertise and assisting with numerous clinical research studies. Phone: 352-273-6933

Renita Jenkins

Clinical Research Assistant

Fabiana Rogliero

Fabiana assists faculty researchers with the daily management of clinical trials. She also provides chairside assistance for dental clinical research and is well versed in preparing for collecting biological samples.

Fabiana Rogliero

Student Clinical Research Assistant

Hayden Glaser

Hayden assists faculty researchers with the daily management of clinical trials. She also provides chairside assistance for dental clinical research. 

Hayden Glaser