University Scholars Program

scholar2019-2020 University Scholars Program

The College of Dentistry participates with the University Scholars Program (USP) to provide research opportunities for UF undergraduate junior and senior students.  Students selected work with a UFCD faculty mentor while working on a research project.  The USP process is selective; participants must adhere to programmatic requirements for both the USP and UFCD.  For more information visit the USP site.

College of Dentistry Scholarship Awardees

College of Dentistry Requirements for USP Participants / Eligibility and Nominations:

Undergraduate students from any college, wanting to conduct research with a faculty member in the College of Dentistry are eligible to compete for a University Scholars Program award. An overall GPA of 3.0 or better is required; or if the student has earned their bachelor’s degree, prior to Spring 2019. Students may contact a faculty member to conduct research, utilizing the following list: Faculty Research Interest, and complete the 2019-2020 University Scholars Program application form.  


Completed applications are due no later than February 22, 2019.  Submit application packets to the College of Dentistry’s Office of Research, via Denise Webb, room D3-43.

Denise Webb’s Contact Info
Phone: 352-294-5444   Fax: 352-294-5441

Include in the packets:

  • completed University Scholars application form
  • a typed summary of proposed research project (maximum one page – a hard and electronic copy)
  • a supporting letter from the faculty mentor
  • an official, unsealed copy of the student’s undergraduate transcripts, including a cumulative GPA
  • if applicant’s official transcript shows senior status, a statement needs to be provided stating they are not earning their bachelor’s degree before Spring 2019 and can participate in the 2019 Spring Symposium.

Course numbers used to register for USP have changed.  Following, are the new registration forms for the two courses; for example: a Biology major in CLAS or CALS will register for BSC4910 and a Micro major in CLAS will take MCB4911.  Registering for the class is different for the Scholar this year.  After completing the necessary registration form for your class, you will then submit it to the advisor in your program.

Registration forms BSC4910-4912-Registration-Approval-Form-1-4 &  MCB4911reg.form2014  

Selection Process

The College of Dentistry grants five awards. The College of Dentistry’s Research Committee and the Associate Dean for Research select the awardees. The student/faculty mentor shall be notified of the selection by March, 2019.

Expectations and Requirements during the University Scholars Program

Students begin their research at the onset of the 2019 summer term. Prior to submitting an application, an exact time commitment should be discussed with students’ mentors . Research is conducted for the entire summer term, continuing throughout the 2019-2020 academic year. The College of Dentistry offers a 1-3 hour general topics course (IDH4905) during the summer, while working on the scholars’ project. Students may register for this course in the College of Dentistry’s Office of Education: 352-273-5950, D3-011.

Students are required to:

  • complete the online profile and project description form and have a photo taken, per the USP program,
  • be in good standing to receive the second portion of the stipend in late September,  (good standing is defined as all profile information and a positive progress report from the faculty mentor),
  • maintain a current e-mail account and be informed about updates for the USP on that e-mail account, and
  • complete all requirements for both the College of Dentistry and the UF Scholars Program; requirements set by the college are in addition to those required by the UF Scholars Program.