Research Honors & High Research Honors Awards

The Research Committee has established the following criteria for eligibility for Research Honors:

Senior dental students who have engaged in research during their four-year DMD program may be eligible for one of the two Research Honors awards. The student must have contributed substantively to a research project during their tenure in dental school, as well as fulfill all the requirements outlined below.

Students who meet the criteria for Research Honors may be eligible for High Research Honors by UFCD’s Research Committee, by displaying an extraordinary commitment to research and an unusually high degree of time and productivity in research and on their research project(s).

1. Students do not have to participate in the Research Track program to be eligible to receive either Research Honors awards. If a student is found liable for a violation of the Student Honor Code of UFCD, involving academic dishonesty or resulting in probation or suspension is ineligible to apply for Research Honors.

2. To be considered, students must provide a copy of a published article or a manuscript to be submitted to a scientific journal, with your Research Honors application by February 11th, 2022. If a specific journal has yet to be identified, the manuscript format should comply with the Vancouver system. Prior presentation of the research by the candidate at a scientific meeting is desirable, but not required.

3. With the manuscript, the candidate must also submit a letter which clearly states: a) who supervised the project, b) an approximation of the total time devoted to the project, and c) whether the research idea originated with the candidate or the supervisor.

4. The role the candidate played in the performance of the project should be clearly articulated in the letter, including what role the student had in writing of the paper.

5. The student’s faculty mentor should submit a separate letter in support of the application.

6. In addition to the submitted documents, the Research Committee may request an interview with the mentor and/or candidate soon after the deadline. Each student approved for Research Honors will be recognized at the Senior Awards banquet and in the commencement program.