Natalie Atyeo

Natalie Atyeo

Entered Combined-Degree Program: Fall 2017 as 2nd year DMD student.


Natalie graduated from Duke University with a BA in Spanish. While at Duke, Natalie conducted research in the business school, analyzing treatment decision making in intermediate stage prostate cancer. She also received a grant to travel to Guatemala to conduct interviews and collect data on the breastfeeding practices and child nutritional intake among the Mayan population.

Natalie participated in the UFCD Summer Research Program before D1 year where she worked in the Chan Lab analyzing the TLR-dependence of microRNA expression in chronic periodontitis. She then joined the Papp Lab in August 2019 where she will work towards her PhD. Her project focuses on the dysregulation of host factors in lytic KSHV infection of the oral cavity.

Natalie is involved in the AADR National Student Research Group (NSRG) as President-elect of the organization and also serves as the UF SRG Advocacy Representative. She is also Advocacy Representative of the American Student Dental Association, as well as a Dean’s Dental Ambassador, Admissions Outreach Ambassador, academic tutor and past participant in the Dominican Republic Mission Trip.

In her free time, Natalie likes to volunteer at the WeCare dental clinic, run, explore Gainesville restaurants, and serve as an alumni interviewer for Duke University Admissions.

Thesis Advisor: Bernadett Papp, Ph.D.


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