2017 Spring Synergy Presentations

Oral Presentations

 Presenter  Title and Author(s)
Gavin Golas
Dysregulated viral sensing by intestinal epithelial cells derived from non-obese diabetic mice
Golas G*, LaPato M, Sorenson HL, Wallet SM
Sasanka Chukkapalli
TLR 2- and 4-dependent mediated signaling are critical in periodontitis and atherosclerosis
Chukkapalli S*, Ambadapadi S,  Lucas A, Kesavalu L
Ibraheem K Bamaga
Craniofacial deformity & malocclusion in a mouse model of neurofibromatosis type I (NF1)
Bamaga IK*, O’Sullivan RP, Schmitz J, Fath W, Fajardo RJ, McHugh K
S. Aaron Scheps
Stainless steel crowns versus resin-based restorations on permanent first molars
Scheps SA*,  Guelmann M, Adewumi A, Sibille  K
Karina Miller
Retrospective radiographic analyzes of localized aggressive periodontitis in primary dentition and its clinical characteristics
Miller KA , Shaddox LM
Frank Berdos
Retreatability of bioceramic-based and MTA-based sealers
Berdos F, Pileggi R, Peinado D, Neiva K
Rekha Reddy
Dermatologic lesions submitted to an oral and maxillofacial pathology biopsy service: an analysis of 2487 cases
Reddy R*, Fitzpatrick SG, Davidova L, Bhattacharyya I, Cohen DM, Islam MN
Taylor R. Vracar
Enoxacin and bis-enoxacin stimulate GW Body formation, microRNA levels, and alter regulatory exosomes produced by murine breast cancer cells
Vracar T*, Zuo J, Holsey D, VonMoss L, Chan EK, Holliday LS
Natalie Atyeo
TLR2/4 dependency of MicroRNA expression in murine polymicrobial infection-induced periodontitis
Atyeo NN*, Chukkapalli SS, Kesavalu L, Chan EKL
Steven Spoto
Sphingolipids play a role in oxidative stress resistance and survival of Porphyromonas gingivalis
Spoto S*, Moye Z, Davey ME
Ryan Clance
Characterizing Vitamin D’s role in iron transport of oral keratinocytes
Clance R*, Ruddick W, Brice B, Menzel L, Diamond G
Laura Londono
Streptococcus A12 modifies the architecture of Streptococcus mutans biofilms
Londoño LA*, Williams ML, Burne RA


Poster Presentations

 Presenter  Title and Author(s)
Sarah Meyer, MLIS
Evidence-based dentistry: how liaison librarians can help simplify the process.
S Meyer*
Tarek El Kerdani
The use of CAD CAM technology for fabricating cast gold survey
El Kerdani T*, Roushdy S
1. Ann H.  Siassipour
Mucous membrane pemphigoid (MMP) increased association with hypothyroidism
Siassipour AH *, Guerra S, Shah S, Katz J
2. Joshua Lovelace
Formation of amyloid fibrils by the collagen binding protein Cnm of Streptococcus mutans
Lovelace J*, Abranches J, Aviles-Reyes A
3. Ly Nguyen
The effects of Porphyromonas gingivalis and/or aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans infection on oral epithelial cell innate immune function
Nguyen L*, Knowlton AE, Rocha F, Wallet SM
4. Amanda F. Mullersman
miR146a expression regulates LPS hyper-responsiveness in localized aggressive periodontitis
Shaddox LM, Mullersman AF*, Wallet  SM
5. Megan Menashe
Macrocolony evaluation of Streptococcus mutans strains with and without amyloid-forming proteins
Menashe M*, Besingi R, Brady LJ
6. KyuLim Lee
Antagonism of Streptococcus mutans by oral commensal clinical isolates
Lee K*, Chakraborty B, Williams ML, Nascimento M, Burne RA
7. Eric Rabinowitz
Characterization of the iron-binding protein Dpr of Streptococcus mutans
Rabinowitz E*, Ganguly T, Kajfasz JK, Lemos JA
8. Luis E. Rodriguez & Alejandro M. Quesada
Evaluation of the potential erosive effect of commercially available mouthrinses on enamel and dentin
Delgado AJ, Quesada AM*, Rodriguez LE*, Hernandez R, Behar-Horenstein L, Su Y, Wynkoop B, Dilbone DA
9. Mahmoud Mona
TGFβ2 induces epithelial-mesenchymal transition-like changes in human oral epithelial cells
Mona M*, Rosati L, Delitto A, Bamaga I, Wallet SM, McHugh K
10. Halima Abukabbos
The economics of pulpotomy and crown using bioactive cements
Abukabbos H*, Tomar S,  Guelmann M
11. Awad Kamil
Follow-up outcome of conservatively treated primary molars under general anesthesia
Kamil A*, Guelmann M,  Sibille K,  Adewumi A
12. Rico M. Bussey
Responding to infant oral health practice-based needs: trends, patterns, and opportunities
Bussey R*,  Dupay E,  Sibille K, Mugayar  L
13. Faraj Alotaiby
Clinical and histopathological features of oral neural lesions, a retrospective study
Alotaiby F*, Fitzpatrick S, Upadhyaya J, Islam M, Cohen DM, Bhattacharyya  I
14. Liya Davidova
Lichenoid characteristics in premalignant verrucous lesions and verrucous carcinoma of the oral cavity
Davidova L*, Fitzpatrick S, Bhattacharyya I, Cohen DM, Islam MN
15. Jasbir Upadhyaya
A retrospective 20-Year analysis of proliferative verrucous leukoplakia and its progression to malignancy and association with p16INK4A immunohistochemical staining
Upadhyaya JD*, Fitzpatrick SG,  Islam MN, Bhattacharyya I, Cohen  DM
16. Laura Bowden
Effects of cocoa-enriched diet on orofacial pain in a murine model
Bowden LN*, Rohrs E, Omoto K, Durham P, Holliday LS, Morris AD, Allen KD, Caudle R, Neubert JK
17. Jacqueline Garcia
Efficacy of root canal disinfection in simulated necrotic immature teeth undergoing regenerative endodontics
Garcia J*, Pileggi R, LaPato M; Kajfasz J, Lemos JA, Abranches J, Wallet SM, Neiva KG
18. Alyssa Emory
Proteomic characterization of exosomes released by osteoclasts and odontoclasts
Emory AK*, Holliday SM, McHugh K, Wallet S, Rody Jr W.
19. Ruchi Shukla
Assessing oral health knowledge in teen mothers
Coons MC Jr*, Muguyar L, Dodd V, Shukla R
20. Shaun S. Bullard
Quantitative analysis of bacterial removal following instrumentation with TRUShape
Bullard S*, Neiva KG, LaPato M, Kajfasz J, Lemos JA, Abranches J, Wallet SM, Pileggi R
21. Mohammed Aljabri
Primary intraosseous leiomyosarcoma of the mandible: case report and literature review
Aljabri M*, Bindakhil M, Wenk S, Islam M, Cohen D, Bhattacharyya I
22. Mohammed Bindakhil
Oral verrucous carcinoma in a 10-year old female: a case report and review of the literature
Bindakhil M*, Aljabri M, Cohen DM, Islam MN, Bhattacharyya I
23. Hope Feldman
Evaluation of bacterial removal from root canal systems using different concentrations of sodium hypochlorite and cysteamine
Feldman H*, Neiva KG, LaPato M, Kajfasz J, Lemos JA, Abranches J, Wallet SM, Pileggi R
24. Sukhi Guram & Jas Guram
Implementation of an adolescent risk behavior assessment in an academic pediatric dental setting
Guram S*, Jas Guram J*, Perez E, Mugayar L
25. Natalia Acosta
Association of Streptococcus mutans and Candida albicans with early childhood caries recurrence
Acosta N*, Jones L, Cline J, Abranches J, Mugayar L, Adewumi A
26. Cassandra Iglesias
AcceleDent® and Invisalign Smartrack™ aligners: a multicenter, retrospective, cohort study
Iglesias C*, Wheeler T, Rody W, Dolce C, Oropesa EA
27. Theodore Harris
Examining the involvement of the P2X7 receptor in localized aggressive periodontitis
Harris T *, Shaddox L, Wallace P
28. David C Brice
Vitamin D-Mediated defense mechanisms against KSHV in oral epithelial cells
Brice D*, Ruddick W, Diamond G
29. Taggreed Wazzan
Periodontal status and other radiological risk factor associated with bisphosphonate related osteonecrosis of the jaw in multiple myeloma patients
Wazzan T*, Almaden W, Mona M, Kashtuari D, Katz J
30. Danielle M. Vermilyea
Determining how an endogenous peptidylarginine deiminase modulates Porphyromonas gingivalis biofilm development
Vermilyea DM*, Davey ME
31. S. John Calise
IMP dehydrogenase forms filaments in response to dysregulation of guanine nucleotide homeostasis
Calise SJ *, Chan EKL
32. Justin Kaspar
Use of SPINE technology for identification of protein-protein interactions in Streptococcus mutans
Kaspar J*, Shields R, Burne RA