Spring Synergy: Research Day

March 27-29, 2019

Each year the University of Florida College of Dentistry hosts Spring Synergy, which includes research presentations, academic speakers and a vendor fair. Spring Synergy is sponsored by the College of Dentistry’s Office of Research, Continuing Education and the American Student Dental Association, or ASDA. Spring Synergy promotes the college’s many accomplishments, and provides a venue to interact with the campus community, alumni and industry.

The University of Florida College of Dentistry invites you to 2019 Spring Synergy March 27-29 on the UF Academic Health Center campus.


Spring Synergy Oral Presentations

The UF College of Dentistry Office of Research is currently accepting abstract submissions for oral and poster presentations at Spring Synergy March 29. Applicants can submit for either an oral or poster presentation in the following areas of interest:

  • Educational Research

  • Clinical Research

  • Basic Research

Individuals in the following divisions may submit abstracts. Please note that the oral and poster competitions are limited to current dental students, residents and post-docs:

  • Pre-Dental/Undergraduate Students

  • Current DMD Student

  • MS-Graduate/Residents

  • PhD Students/Post-Doc

** A total of 12 presenters will be selected for the oral presentation competition. Those accepted will be notified on or before Wednesday, March 20. Applicants not selected for the oral competition may then opt to present a poster. **

All UFCD faculty, staff and students may submit applications for the poster event. Presenters are required to remain next to their poster for the entire session in order to answer questions and explain their research. A minimum of three posters, based on the quality and content of the abstract, will receive an award and recognition for excellence.

2016 Spring Synergy Poster