May/June 2016


Dr. Jeannine Brady, department of Oral Biology received an UFRF Professorship Award is funded for three years in the  amount of  $3,000.



Dr. Ann Progulske-Fox, department of Oral Biology received a NextScience LLC award for one year, in the amount of $161,024.  The title of her project, Clinical effectiveness of Next Science oral rinse in controlling plaque and gingival inflammation”.



Dr. Roger Fillingim

Dr. Roger Fillingim,  department of Community Dentistry and Behavioral Science, PRICE received a Subaward from Dr. Marco Pahor, UF Institute for Aging for one year in the amount of $19, 222 titled “Claude D. Pepper older Americans independence: pilot project” NIH/NIA P30AG028740″ .

Dr. Fillingim also received from Duke University NIH/NIAMS R0AR055899 Subaward from Physical Therapy; College of Health Professions, PI Dr. Mark Bishop for four years, in the amount of $61,046 titled “Biopsychosocial influence of shoulder pain” .


Dr. Scott Tomar, department of Community Dentistry and Behavioral Science received an award titled “The child health quality (CHeQ) partnership program” Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality U18HS0252998 Subaward from Elizabeth Shenkman, M.D., Institute for Child Health Policy for one year in the amount of $35,821.



Drs. Zsolt Toth (PI) and Bernadette Papp (C0-I),  department of Oral Biology, Dr. Laurence Morel (Co-I) MD-Pathology and received an award titled “Immune evasion mechanisms during oral infection by an oncogenic herpevirus” DSP Opportunity Fund for two years in the amount of  $95,000.





Dr. MaryEllen Davey (Co-I), department of Oral Biology and Dr. Shouguang Jin, (PI) MD, Molecular Genetics, received a DSP Opportunity Fund for two years in the amount of $95,000 and titled“Identification of fecal bacteria with anti-clostridium difficile activities”.



 Dr. Shannon Holliday (CO-I) department of Orthodontics and Dr. Laurie Gower (PI), department of Engineering-Materials Science received an award from US Army W81XWH-17-1-0100  in the amount of $148,858 for two years and titled “Biomimetic bone for load-bearing bioresorbable nanostructured bone substitutes”.



Dr. Wellington Rody

Dr. Wellington Rody, department of Orthodontics received a UFCD Seed Grant for one year in the amount of $16,000, and titled “Characterization of clastic-cell exosomes in oral fluids: a step toward clinical application”.

Dr. Rody also received a “Pilot study: Metabolomics profiling of gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) in the presence of dentin resorption”, from UF Southeast Center for Integrated Metabolomics, for one year in the amount of $10,750.


Dr. Robert Caudle, department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery received from the US Department of Veterans Affairs, Gainesville Florida $33,782 for two years, titled “Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement”.

Dr. Monica Fernandez Recipient of NIH Diversity Supplement, and Dr. Josephine Esquivel (PI) department of Restorative Dental Sciences received an award from NIH/NIDCR  in the amount of $314,744  for two years, titled “Novel coatings to minimize surface degradation and fracture susceptibility of dental ceramics”.