Awards Granted to Faculty – July 2015 to June 2016


April, 2016

burneDr. Robert Burne, Oral Biology, received a five year grant from NIDCR in the amount of $3,060,999. The grant entitled “Probiotics that moderate PH and antagonize pathogens to promote oral health”.  The award includes collaborations with Dr. David Culp, Oral Biology, Dr. Marcelle Nascimento, Restorative Dental Sciences and Dr. Vincent Richards at Clemson University. Read more…

Edward ChanDr. Edward Chan, Oral Biology, received an 18 month award from the US Department of Defense.  The award entitled “Oral metagenomics biomarkers in rheumatoid arthritis” was funded for $299,969.  The project includes collaborations with Dr. Marcelle Nascimento, Restorative Dental Sciences, Dr. Gary Wang, in Infectious Diseases and Global Medicine, College of Medicine and Dr.  Michael Bubb, Department of Rheumatology, College of Medicine.



Dr. Shannon Wallet, Oral Biology, received a NIDDK subaward from Dr. Todd Brusko, Department of Pathology in the College of Medicine.  The award is entitled “The CD226 and TIGIT costimulatory axis in type 1 diabetes.” Dr. Wallet will receive $72,786 for five years.

March, 2016

Dr. Marcelle M. NascimentoDr. Marcelle Nascimento, Associate Professor in the Department of Restorative Dental Sciences received a two year award from Colgate-Palmolive. The project entitled “The metabolomics of oral biofilms exposed to Arginine and Fluoride” was funded for $99,758.00.  This information will lead to a better understanding of caries pathogenesis, disease initiation and progression, and individual/site specific bacterial response to arginine and fluoride treatment.


DiamondphotoDr. Gil Diamond, Professor, Oral Biology received a one year award from the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in the amount of $108,000. The project is entitled “Regulation of CFTR expression by vitamin D”.

January/February 2016

William MartinDr. William Martin, Director and Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, received a five year research agreement from Straumann USA entitled Immediate implant of the Straumann bone level tapered implant with early loading in single tooth gaps in the maxilla and mandible compared to delayed placement.” The funding for this clinical research study is anticipated to reach $174,848.

Sang-Joon AhnDr. Sang-Joon Ahn, Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Oral Biology, was awarded a NIH R01 (DE025237) grant entitled “Streptococcus mutans adaptation to oxidative stress by the cid/lrg system.” The five year project brings $1,858,027 in federal funding to the College.


Dr. Seunghee ChaDr. Seunghee Cha, Associate Professor in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Diagnostic Sciences, received $20,000 UFCD seed grant for a one year study “Identification of salivary epithelial precursor inducing factors.” It is anticipated that preliminary data derived from a seed grant award will significantly strengthen a future application for extramural funding.

November/December 2015

Jeannine-BradyDr. Jeannine Brady, Department of Oral Biology, received a renewal of the NIDCR project titled “Membranes of the dental pathogen streptococcus mutans.”  The award is for five years and totals $1,875,000.  This renewal reflects the fifth segment of a long standing NIDCR award that was initiated in 1986 by Dr. Arnold Bleiweis.



Abranches2014New Award AnnouncementsDrs. Jose Lemos and Jacqueline Abranches, Department of Oral Biology, NIDCR project “Intracellular invasion by streptococcus mutans:  significance in disease”  was received in December.  The award totals $1,027,766 and continues for three years.




Dr. Kevin McHughDr. Kevin McHugh, Department of Periodontology, received an $800 travel award from Oak Ridge Associated Universities.

????????????????????????????????????Dr. Laura Bowden, an Orthodontic resident, received a $3000 student seed grant from the College of Dentistry’s Research Office. The project is titled “Operant behavioral instrument for measuring trigeminal neuropathic pain in rodents.” Dr. John Neubert, Orthodontics, will mentor Dr. Bowden.

Edward ChanDr. Edward Chan, Oral Biology, received $193,303 from the National Institutes of Environmental Health and Sciences (HHSN273201500135P). The two year contract is titled “Antinuclear antibodies by immunofluorescence, materials for assays.”   Dr. Chan also received a $70,000 seed grant from the UF Health Cancer Center for the project “microRNA biomarkers in oral cancer outcome”.  Dr. Chan will collaborate with Dr. Jennifer Tseng, MD at the UF Health Cancer Center in Orlando.

Dr. Joseph KatzDr. Joseph Katz, Oral and Maxillofacial Diagnostic Sciences, received a $5,000 award to participate with Dr. Eric McLamore, Agricultural and Biological Engineering, IFAS, on a UF Division of Sponsored Programs’ Opportunity Fund Seed Grant titled “Nano engineering a biomimetic electronic nose based on insect olfactory proteins.”

Dr. Rodrigo NeivaDr. Rodrigo Neiva, Periodontology, received a contract from Zimmer Dental, Inc. to conduct a clinical research study. The $53,950 study is titled Clinical and histological evaluation of Zimmer Puros® Allograft VS creos™ (low-cost) Allograft for alveolar ridge preservation following exodontia”.



Dr. Roger FillingimDr. Roger Fillingim, Community Dentistry and Behavioral Sciences, PRICE received a National Institutes of Aging training grant (T32 AG049673) titles “Integrative and multidisciplinary pain and aging research training”.   The grant was awarded $1,221,280 for a five year period and will support four fellowships.



November 2015

Dr. Frank CatalanottoDr. Frank Catalanotto, Community Dentistry & Behavioral Sciences, has received a subaward in the amount of $4,708 from Dr. Y. Guo (Health Outcomes and Policy). The American Dental Association project is for six months and entitled “Testing additional pediatric quality measures: extraction of permanent molar and treatment in sealed occlusal surface”. 

July 2015 – October 2015

Edward ChanDr. Edward Chan, Oral Biology, has been awarded $262,500 for two years, from Scripps Research Institute (NIH/NIEHS R01ES021464). His project is titled, “Influence of innate immunity of xenobiotic-induced systemic autoimmunity”.

Ann Progulske FoxDr. Ann Progulske-Fox, Oral Biology has received $234,494 for four years for the project titled, “P. Gingivalis mediated disruption of autophagy in endothelial dysfunction; diversity supplement for hernan getachew” NIH/NHLBIR01HL126956. Dr. Progulske-Fox continues with the $1,939,001 award for four years, from NIH/NHBLI R01HL126956. The project title, “P. Gingivalis mediated disruption of authophagy in endothelial dysfunction.”

Dr. Mary Ellen DaveyDr. Mary Ellen Davey, in Oral Biology has a renewal of $1,875,000 for five years for the project titled, “Regulatory mechanisms controlling expression of p. gingivalis surfaces structures” NIH/NIDCR R01DE019117.

Dr. Wellington RodyWellington Rody, in Orthodontics has received $30,000 for one year, from the American Association of Orthodontists. The project: “Gene expression profile analysis of osteoclasts and odontoclasts”.

Dr. Robert CaudleDr. Robert Caudle, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery received $47,100 for one year from PRICE and UFShands Cancer Center. His project is titled “Preclinical model of chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy.”

Dr. Brian Cooper, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery received $1,023,883 for two years, from the US Department of Defense. The project: “ Neurovascular and autonomic dysfunction associated with guld war illness pain”.

Dr. John NeubertDr. John Neubert, in Orthodontics has recently received $30,000 for one year from the American Association of Orthodontists, for his project titled “Effects of genetics on the expectation and experience of orthodontics pain”. He continues with the $450,302 award for three years from FACIAL PAIN RSCH FTDN/UFF. This project is titled “Mapping towards a cure identification of neurophysiologic signatures of trigeminal neuralgia pain.”

Dr. Roger FillingimDr. Roger Fillingim, Community Dentistry & Behavioral Sciences received a subaward from Dr. P. Tighe (Anesthesiology) in the amount of $43,495 for five years for his NIH project “Finding good temporal postoperative pain signatures“ (NIH/NIGMS R01GM114290). Dr. Fillingim also received $87,858 for five years for a project titled Biopsychosocial influence on shoulder pain, subaward from S. George, PT, PHHP.” NIH/NIAMS R01AR055899

Dr. Timothy WheelerDr. Timothy Wheeler, from the department of Orthodontics received $68,895 from ORTHOACCEL, for a three year project titled, “Acceledent® and invisalign™ smartrackaligners: a multicenter, retrospective, cohort study.”

Dr. Joseph RileyDr. Joseph Riley, Community Dentistry & Behavioral Sciences, received $14,498 for from the University of Alabama (NIH/NIDCR U19DE022516) for a one year project entitled “Assessing the management of TMJD pain patients in the network”.

Andres AlvarezAndres Alvarez, a first year student in Restorative Dental Sciences received $6,000 for one year, from AM DENTAL ASSO HLTH FDTN. His project is titled, “A new arginine-based bonding agent with long-lasting anti-caries activity.”


Dr. Clay WalkerDr. Clay Walker, in Oral Biology received $82,982 for one year. The project is titled, An examination of the oralmicroflora of arthritic subjects” from the US Veterans Affairs VA268-15-C-003.

New AwardDr. Shannon Wallet, Oral Biology, received a $211,070 subaward from Dr. S. Karst, Department of Medicine. The four year NIH project is titled, “Role of intestinal bacteria in human norovirus infection” (NIH/NIAID R01AI16892).

Robert BurneDr. Robert Burne, in the department of Oral Biology was awarded $1,875,000 for five years as a renewal from NIH/NIDCR R01DE013239 for his project titled “Genetics and physiology of oral biofilms.”

Edward ChanDr. Edward Chan, Department of Oral Biology has received funding for a project titled, Nanoparticle-mediated microrna therapy for oral cancer,” DSP opportunity. He will reveive $85,620 for two years.


Dr. Jean-Francois RouletDr. Jean-Francois Roulet, in the Department of Restorative Dental Sciences received $12,850 for three months for a project titled, “Wear of three commercial composite restorative resins.” IVOCLAR

Dr. Brian Bainbridge, Oral Biology has been awarded $225,000 for two years. The title of his project is Host cell interactions with porphyromonas gingivalis: role of lps-polysaccharide.” NIH/NIDCR R03DE024784.

Dr. Jacqueline AbranchesDr.  Jacqueline Abranches, in Oral Biology, has recieved “Start up funding” for two years from UFCD for $100,000.