The UFCD Office of Research is committed to providing assistance to faculty, staff, and students in the College of Dentistry. The office staff works in conjunction with UF’s Health Science Center and UF’s community to facilitate research opportunities and sponsored funding. The office is a resource for:

Robert Burne

Robert Burne, Ph.D

Associate Dean for research

As Associate Dean for Research, Dr. Burne facilitates research endeavors benefiting faculty and students. Dr. Burne also provides leadership in both the scientific and administrative communities.



Ronda Breton

Ronda Breton

Assistant Director for Research Administration

Ronda focuses on accounting, including payroll distributions for all grant personnel, budget transfer requests, assists with audits of sponsored research accounts, and oversight of reporting and closing of all grant projects; and also ensures adherence to agency, UF, state, and federal guidelines. 352.273.8832



Christi Mason

Research Administrator III

Christi manages the Pre-Award and Proposal affairs for the office. She provides Pre-Award, Proposal and Post Award support to the Departments of Community Dentistry and Oral Biology. 352-294-8118.



Ashley Carver

Research Administrator I

Ashley Carver supports the Pre-Award, Proposals and Post Award enterprise of the College. She is responsible the Pre-Award, Proposal and Post Award support to the Departments of Endodontics, Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, and Restorative Dental Sciences. 352-273-7254


Both Christi and Ashley will provide project summary reports to principle investigators and departmental administrators, and meet to financially plan and review expenditures on all grant accounts including the overhead accounts. They will serve as liaison between PIs and sub-awards to ensure consortium agreements are established, assists with audits of sponsored research accounts, and ensures adherence to agency, UF, state, and federal guidelines. They will also enter CAS exemptions, no cost extensions, re-budgeting modifications, and new and revised F&A distributions into UFirst for their assigned departments. They will also assist the departments with payroll distributions and closing of projects.



Denise Webb

Administrative Assistant II & Student Programs

Denise manages the student research programs. She provides administrative assistance to the associate dean for research and coordinates college-wide events, such as Annual Research Day. 352.294.5444




Renita J. Jenkins

Clinical Research Manager

Renita provides support for research protocols, clinical study proposals, IRB applications, study implementation, and compliance.  Renita has worked within the DCRU since 2014, providing expertise and assisting with numerous clinical research studies. Phone: 352-273-6933


Ashley Carter

Ashley Clark

Clinical Research Assistant

Ashley assists Renita with the DCRU. Her scientific knowledge and clinical experience are an asset to translational research studies.


UFCD Department Contacts

Department Contact Number
Administration  Ronda Breton  352-273-8832
Oral Biology  Denise Dorman  352-273-8828
Community Dentistry and Behavioral Science  Ben Griffith  352-273-5979
Restorative Dental Sciences  Linda Tanner  352-273-5831
All other departments Christina Mason  352-294-8118

The Office of Research the UF Dental Tower’s third floor (room D3-43)

Questions?  Call (352) 294-5440 or email