UFCD Post-Doc Seed Grant
Transition to Scientific Independence Award (TSIA)


The primary objective of the UFCD Transition to Scientific Independence Award (TSIA) is to support independent research projects spearheaded by post-doctoral associates and fellows, leading to preliminary data that will enhance the likelihood of the individual to secure K or R awards from the NIH, or similar awards from other agencies/foundations. The TSIA may not be used to supplement currently funded research projects of the applicant’s mentor(s); whereas, techniques, patient populations, and other aspects of the TSIA may coincide or overlap with those of the mentor’s research program, the hypothesis to be tested and aim(s) of the TSIA project must be unique. In addition, recipients of this funding are required to submit a Final Report and present their findings at the UFCD Research Day, typically in the Spring of the year after the award is issued. It is also expected that recipients of the TSIA awards will submit a proposal for extramural funding within 18 months of issuance of the award.


Mentors are full-time tenure-accruing faculty of UFCD, with a clear track record of productivity and consistent external funding. In addition, mentors must have at least two years of guaranteed support for the applicant.

FundingDue to limited funds, grants are awarded on a competitive basis, up to a maximum of $5,000, and two proposals per year awarded
Award Period1 year, with a no-cost extension up to 1 additional year possible
EligibilityAll UFCD post-doctoral associates and fellows including those residents who have completed a PhD program  
Proposal DeadlinesRolling – Total funds committed by the Office of Research are restricted to $10,000 per fiscal year
ContactValeria Gordan


Applicants must observe the font and page format limitations as well as PDF guidelines below:
•Arial font, black color, 11 point font size, single spaced
•1/2 inch margins
•No header, but with consecutive page numbers in the center of footer.
•No fillable fields in any included documents.
•Print text documents to PDF, and do not scan documents to PDF.
•Disable all security features in the PDF document
•When naming your PDF file, do not use special characters or spaces in the file names. Applicants must submit the entire package as one PDF file via email to DN-Office-of-Research@ad.ufl.edu, and applications not conforming to the format instructions will be returned without review.


Applications must be prepared according to the following application template. Applications not conforming to these instructions will be returned to the applicant without review.

1. Cover Page (1 Page)
•Applicant: First, Middle & Last Name, Position/Title, Department, Phone, Fax & Email
•Mentor: First, Middle & Last Name, Position/Title, Department, Phone, Fax & Email Descriptive
•Title of Project: (14 words or less) Start and ending date: The maximum project period is one year.
•Total Amount Requested: The maximum amount of funding is $5,000
•Co-Investigators: Name, Position/Title, Department, Phone, Email
2. Mentor’s Letter of Support
•Mentors must provide a letter of support for an applicant. Specifically, the letter should address:
•The originality of the work.
•Clearly describe how the proposal differs from ongoing work in the lab.
•Assurance of Indicate a plan to guide and support the individual to complete the project and submit an external funding application.
•Assurance that the applicant will submit a Final Report and present the findings of the work at the UFCD Research Day and UF Post-Doctoral Symposium in the year following the end of award.
3. Mentor’s Information (4 Pages Maximum)
Mentor’s must provide an NIH biosketch which includes active and pending extramural and intramural support. Please indicate which sources of funding support the applicant.
4. Investigator’s Information (4 Pages Maximum)
Applicants must provide an NIH bio-sketch including active and pending support, along with a statement of personal career goals.
5. Itemized Budget
•Salary: Salary support is not provided to post-docs or Salary may be requested for technical assistance necessary to help carry out the study with proper justification.
•Supplies and Equipment: Provide a list of general categories of supplies and any specific equipment
        ◦Other (e.g., analytical services, patient/recruitment costs) 
        ◦Funds may not be used for         
        ◦Total funds 
        ◦Total funds ◦If the required funds are more than the funds requested, list the source of the additional
6. Research Plan (5 Pages Maximum)
•Specific Aims
•Background and Significance
•Preliminary Studies
•Research Design and Methods
•Timetable for completion of each component of the project
•Future Directions (e.g. other independent or collaborative funding)
Graphs, diagrams, tables, charts and photographs must be in the body of the application. No appendix material may be submitted.
7.  IRB or IACUC Information (For Studies Requiring IRB or IACUC approval ONLY)
If clinical studies are proposed, information is needed on the availability and appropriateness of study populations, the utilization of minorities and women as study subjects, and the provisions for the protection of human subjects. Animal study assurances must be provided with regard to the humane treatment of animals. Provide all appropriate information as defined and in the format described in the NIH SF424 guidelines.

The Research Committee of the College of Dentistry reviews all applications with the following major criteria used in the assessment:
•project’s significance
•project’s originality
•feasibility, based on the experimental design and resources
•qualifications of the post-doctoral associate/fellow and mentor
•potential for promotion of independence, including plans for obtaining external funding
•adequacy of the facilities/environmentappropriateness of the budget


A proposal selected for funding is required to have all applicable approvals/certifications entered into PeopleSoft and routed for appropriate approvals/signatures. All documentation will then be sent to the College of Dentistry Office of Research (OR) for award processing. The OR will then submit a request to the Division of Sponsored Research (DSR) to establish an account for the project. The seed grant awards are monitored by UFCD, DSR, Contracts and Grants and the PI’s department.
•Seed Grants are funded for one year.
• A six-month to one year no cost extension is possible if requested at least 30 days in advance.
•Any funds remaining in the seed grant account will be returned to the Office of Research at the end of the funding period.
•All UF policies related to IRB or animal must be strictly observed. No funds will be released until proper documentation of approval is provided to the Office of Research.
•Awardees must notify the Office of Research if there is any substantial change in the scope or implementation of the project, particularly if it would affect the outcomes or submission of a proposal for external funding.
•Applicants must complete a Final Report and present their findings at the UFCD Research Day and UF Post-Doctoral Symposium in the year following the completion of funding.
The Principal Investigator of any funded grant proposal is required to submit a final report within 30 days after the end of the grant period. The report should describe:
•The title, applicant and mentor names, the award amount and award dates. •Brief synopsis of original goals.
•Brief synopsis of results obtained and how they relate to the original goals. Specify if each of the original aims were met or not. If not met, explain and indicate current status.
•Brief synopsis of future goals.
•Extramural funding applied for and/or received (either post-doc or mentor). If any, specify if they would or would not have been possible without this grant. If none, indicate the expected date of submission for extramural funding directly related to this project.
•Publications submitted and/or published that are directly related to the grant (either applicant or mentor). Submit an abstract of those publications related to this grant. If none, indicate future plans to publish the work, current status of the manuscript and expected date of submission.
•Brief fiscal report. Indicate how funds were used and if there are any unused funds. Use the itemized budget template as described above.
The Principal Investigator of UFCD’s Transition to Scientific Independence Award presents their findings at the UFCD Research Day and UF Post-Doctoral Symposium, in the year following the completion of funding. The presentation can be in poster or oral format, but must summarize the data generated under this award.