PhRMA Health Outcomes Research

The PhRMA Foundation supports the research and early-career endeavors of scientists in drug discovery and development.

To that end, the foundation welcomes applications for its Pharmacoeconomics, Real World Data and Health Outcomes Program (Health Outcomes Research). The program supports a broad spectrum of issues related to healthcare delivery, from studies evaluating the effectiveness of a pharmaceutical intervention, to the impact of reimbursement policies on outcomes of care, to the development and use of patient-level real-world data and tools to perform patient-based assessments, to analyses of ways in which results of Health Outcomes Research are disseminated to providers or consumers to encourage behavior change.

Grants of up to $100,000 will be awarded to support individuals beginning independent research careers in health outcomes at the faculty level in support of:

·         Pharmacoeconomics — Research evaluating the behavior of individuals, organizations, and markets concerning use of pharmaceutical products, services, and programs.

·         Clinical Outcomes Assessment (COA) — Research dedicated to the value assigned to duration of life as modified by the impairment of physical, social, and psychological functional states, symptoms, satisfaction, perceptions, and opportunities influenced by disease, injury, treatment, or policy.

·         Patient-level Real-World Data and Analytic Tools — The evolving and increasing use and evaluation of technologies, analyses, and patient-level prospective databases (e.g., electronic medical records, health insurance claims data, registries, patient health-networks, patient health status monitoring) to assist in better understanding disease and interventions.



·         Applicants (U.S. and non-U.S. citizens) attending U.S. schools of medicine, pharmacy, public health, nursing, and dentistry are eligible for this award.

·         Those holding academic rank of instructor or assistant professor, and investigators at the doctoral level with equivalent positions, are eligible to apply, provided the proposed research is neither directly nor indirectly subsidized to any significant degree by an extramural support mechanism.[1]

·         Eligible candidates will not have other substantial sources of research funding.[2] Individuals receiving only intramural funding or start-up funding from their institution are eligible to apply for this award.

·         If other funding becomes available during the grant, the PhRMA Foundation must be notified.

·         Applicants must be sponsored by the department or unit in which the proposed research is to be undertaken.

·         This program is not intended for individuals in postdoctoral training. However, those enrolled in postdoctoral training programs scheduled to conclude by the start of the funding, i.e. July 1, 2021 through December 1, 2021, who will hold an academic appointment by that time, may apply.


More information is available on the website at:

Please note that all projects that have research-related deliverables and associated compliance must be entered into the UFIRST system, so that they may be accurately tracked and monitored by the Division of Sponsored Programs.