Research Reproducibility 2020

Educating for Reproducibility: Pathways to Research Integrity

University of Florida- J. Wayne Reitz Union   March 17, 2020

“We are delighted to host Research Reproducibility 2020, the third in a series of interdisciplinary Research Reproducibility conferences aimed to increase the reproducibility and replicability of research on our campuses.

Educating for Reproducibility: Pathways to Research Integrity is this year’s theme. This conference will bring together experts and novices, researchers and educators, and students and administrators from multiple disciplines and institutions to explore best practices, innovations, and new ideas for education around reproducibility and replicability.

From undergraduate education to working with established principal investigators, education is necessary to ensure our researchers are able to conduct rigorous, reproducible, and replicable studies. Over the day-long conference, we will learn about existing educational techniques and strategies, with ample time for attendees to network, brainstorm, and develop cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Our keynote speaker, Brian Nosek, is the co-founder and Executive Director of the Center for Open Science (COS). He and the COS team are pioneers and leaders in discussing and teaching open, reproducible, and transparent practices in research. In addition, Brian is a Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Virginia, where he mentors his students in reproducible, transparent methods.

Our panelists represent a range of disciplines and educational techniques and roles, from linguistics to biomedical informatics and undergraduate educators conducting replication studies with their students to those leading national efforts to provide training. Their experiences and expertise will help set the stage for our conversations and learning throughout the day.

Research Reproducibility 2020

We’d also like to feature you! The day will feature submitted papers, a poster session, and two opportunities for in-depth discussion at roundtables on topics submitted by our attendees. Watch for our call for papers and posters coming soon.

See you in Gainesville March 17th!”

Melissa Rethlefsen Chair, Research Reproducibility 2020 Planning Committee

This conference is funded by the Office of Research Integrity, Department of Health and Human Services, under grant ORIIR190046.