Submission Deadlines

Submission Deadlines

The PIs are encouraged to notify the Office of Research and the department administration as early as possible, prior to proposal submission deadlines.  Faculty should be aware that submitting a proposal too close to the deadline significantly increases the risk of the proposal not being successfully transmitted through the electronic systems. In cases where it is not possible for the proposal to be reviewed at the college level, the PI and their department is responsible for any financial commitments or short falls in the award. The Office of Research may perform a follow-up review and advise the PI of any important budgetary issues.  The College in conjunction with UF’s Office of Research policy have established internal proposal submission deadlines.

University of Florida Proposal Deadlines  

Effective June 22, 2018 UF’s Office of Research is implementing an internal deadline for proposal submissions.   The new deadline requires proposal submission process finalized by 9AM, ONE (1) business day prior to the sponsor’s deadline.  For more information regarding the UF policy visit:  UF Office of Research’s FAQ page 

UFCD Office of Research Submission Deadlines

The UFCD Office of Research is implementing the following deadline policy:

Proposal submissions must be finalized by 9 AM Two (2) business (working) days in advance of the sponsor’s published deadline.  This includes the Office receiving a final version of the proposal document, all administrative requirements met, and PI, ad-hoc, department and college level approvals are received.  This gives the Office one full day to conduct a final (limited) review and submit the proposal to UF’s Office of Research, prior to the required UF deadline. Once notified of an upcoming proposal submission, the UFCD Office of Research will inform PI’s of the internal deadlines.