UF Foreign Travel Announcement

 Announcement from the Office of the Vice President for Research


In the past few months, the IRB, Privacy Office, and General Counsel’s office have been involved in several incidences where Health Science Center students have conducted research in a foreign country without proper UF regulatory approvals. This usually resulted in the need to destroy the inappropriately collected data, and has resulted in significant privacy concerns.


When faculty or students wish to conduct research in a foreign country, we would strongly suggest that no travel plans be made until there has been a discussion with the IRB, Privacy Office, or General Counsels office. Many foreign countries have extensive rules regarding human subject’s research, and many have privacy rules much more stringent than the United States. Since we often have to determine what laws and regulations are in place, and al o require local approval of the protocol, one must allow at least two (2) months for UF approval from the appropriate regulatory groups.


 For more information, please contact the UF Institutional Review Board (IRB) at: 352- 273-9612.