IACUC Antibody and Blood Protocol

There has been  discussion regarding the purchase of antibody and blood from outside vendors and whether it is necessary to have an IACUC protocol.


Gary Russell with IACUC responded with the following:

It depends on what “tissues” we are talking about. If you are talking about custom antibody production then a protocol is not needed. Please the attached policy and approved vendor list. If you are talking about  whole tissues, whole blood, etc. coming from another source other than the approved IACUC protocol, then we would require a cadaver/tissue protocol to be completed. You can always ask me if there is a question about if it is needed or not.

In addition to the previously stated policy he also went onto to explain:

A cadaver/tissue protocol should be submitted when animal tissues, whole blood, etc. are used and there is not an IACUC protocol already associated with the live animal activity by the same investigator. So, if these things come from another investigator or company then there should be an Cadaver/tissue protocol.  All our forms are online at: https://my.iacuc.ufl.edu . The PI  and  study staff would need to be registered. Once they are approved the PI needs to click on the New Animal Study button. A cadaver/tissue protocol is generated when that is selected on the first page of the protocol. It shortens the form to 3 pages. These are approved administratively. The PI and study staff should be approved by EH&S for contact with that tissue (if it is unfixed ) by submitting an EH&S Risk Assessment. The PI and study staff  also need to take the Working with the IACUC (NON-VA Version) AALAS course. If you need more specifics please let me know. If you are uncertain if a protocol is needed just ask me ahead of time.


Gary Russells’s contact information is below:

Gary Russell, MAg, CPIA

University of Florida, IACUC, Coordinator

PO Box 100142

Phone: 352-273-9531

Fax: 352-273-9538