Application Process and Admissions

Prospective Students – It is important for prospective students to understand that applications, review committees and interviews for the DMD program and for the joint degree program are completely independent. Students must be accepted into the DMD program to be eligible for acceptance into the joint degree program. Prospective DMD students therefore apply to the DMD program through the AADSAS application process in conjunction with all other DMD applicants.

A separate application for the joint DMD-PhD program must be submitted to the DMD-PhD Coordinator of the College of Dentistry by October 1 of the year preceding entrance into the DMD program. An ad hoc DMD-PhD Admissions Committee reviews the application. This Committee is composed of at least two faculty of the College of Dentistry and two faculty of the applicant’s prospective concentration of the Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences. Formation of the committee and processing of applications is by the DMD-PhD Coordinator of the College of Dentistry in consultation with the Associate Dean for Graduate Education in the College of Medicine.

Because DMD admissions is on a rolling basis, applicants are advised to apply as early as possible, and to submit the DMD and DMD-PhD applications within a month of each other so candidates selected for interview by the DMD Admissions Committee may, during the same visit, interview with members of the ad hoc DMD-PhD Admissions Committee.

Current DMD Students – Students currently in the UF DMD program can apply to the joint degree program at any time up until the end of semester 7. Students are to file an application by following the instructions and using the forms provided below under DMD-PhD Application Materials. The review process and restrictions are identical to those described above for prospective students.

Ineligible Applicants – The joint degree program is not open to students who have already earned a DMD degree (or equivalent) or a PhD degree in the biomedical sciences.

DMD-PhD Application Materials – Instructions and application materials are listed in the following:

  1. DMD-PhD Application Instructions
  2. DMD-PhD Application Form
  3. UF Grad School Rec Letter Form
  4. Dean’s Certification Form (For current DMD students only)
  5. Curriculum Vitae Template
 DMD-PhD: Purpose and Research Opportunities
 DMD-PhD: Curriculum Overview
DMD-PhD: Tuition and Stipends
 DMD-PhD: Advanced Specialty Training Opportunity
 UFCD DMD-PhD Students