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Student Resources

The College of Dentistry is committed to providing opportunities for students to take part in various research activities. Some of the programs we sponsor:

Research for D.M.D. Students

Summer Research Program

The Summer Research Program program allows incoming first-year dental students to participate in research. Faculty in each department offer guidance and mentoring for students.

Student Research Group

The UFCD-SRG is a student-run organization whose main purpose is to foster the participation and interest in dental research. It is the mission of UFCD-SRG to promote the involvement of all UFCD students in dental research, foster awareness of research opportunities, facilitate participation in UFCD research activities, and guide students involved in research presentations or publications.

D.M.D./Ph.D. Program

An integrated dental and graduate research training program culminating in the awarding of both a D.M.D. and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science. The joint D.M.D./Ph.D. program offered by the College of Dentistry (COD) in collaboration with the College of Medicine Interdisciplinary Program in Biomedical Sciences (COM IDP) prepares students for a career in the dental academic setting using skills acquired in clinical practice and clinical education as well as basic and/or translational research.

Comprehensive Training Program in Oral Biology

Using the extensive educational, scientific and clinical resources at our University, we provide a comprehensive series of pre- and postdoctoral training opportunities in research areas that directly relate to oral health and diseases. Our programs produce highly skilled and interactive scientists who are prepared to generate new knowledge and translate their discoveries to advances in the detection, prevention, treatment and cure of diseases and abnormalities of the oral and craniofacial complex

Research Track Program

The Research Track Program is intended for students who are committed to obtaining a concentrated research experience during dental school.

Research Honors & High Research Honors Awards

Senior dental students who have engaged in research during their four-year D.M.D. program may be eligible for one of two Research Honors awards.

Requesting Release Time for Research (DN3 and DN4 students)

Due to the demands of the dental school curriculum, students will need to request designated time for conducting research during the DMD program. Please see the quidelines for requesting research time below.

Request to Attend a Research Conference

Research/Education mentors will inform students that they need to be responsible for filling out the planned student leave form and getting all appropriate signatures by the end of January. Neither the Office of Education nor the Office of Research excuses the student from class, only the course Director is authorized to do so.

Research for Undergraduates

The College of Dentistry has a large group of UF undergraduates who are engaged in cutting-edge research in the UFCD.  Students interested in these opportunities should review College of Dentistry Faculty Research Interests to identify labs conducting research that is of interest and then contact the faculty member directly to see if there are opportunities available.  Please note that there are more students than mentors in the UFCD and that many labs may be full.  It is advisable to look for research opportunities well in advance, often a full semester or two ahead of time.  Students are also encouraged to include their major, long term interests and any relevant prior research experience when they contact faculty.  And remember, there are many excellent opportunities for doing research at the University of Florida! Good research experience will help with admissions even if it is not done at the College of Dentistry.

University Scholars Program

The University Scholars Program introduces undergraduate students at the University of Florida to the exciting world of academic research. In the program, students work one-on-one with UF faculty on selected research projects. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Research at 352-294-5440.


Additional Student Resources

Research Awards/Grants

Graduate Research Opportunities

Research Brochure

Research Opportunities Brochure