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Membership in national organizations benefits the University and the State of Florida by allowing the researcher a larger cohort of colleagues and persons with whom to share knowledge. This, in turn, encourages better health care for the residents of the State of Florida.

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Institutional Training

HIPAA & Privacy: General Awareness
Required Training for all College of Dentistry faculty, staff, residents, volunteers and students who are not involved in human subject research.
Research & Information Privacy
Required Training for all College of Dentistry faculty, staff, residents, volunteers and students who are involved in human subject research.
Two-in-one training that combines HIPAA for Researchers and General Awareness training. Required for all principal investigators, co-principals, sub-investigators, research coordinators, and all staff with access to research-related human health information.
Confidentiality Statement & Health Information Policy
Bloodborne Pathogen and OSHA training
All college personnel who are involved in any clinical activity must have had both the Bloodborne Pathogen and OSHA training.
Both the University of Florida and Federal Regulations (USDA & PHS) require training and continuing education of all scientists, research technicians, animal care technicians, and all others involved with animal care and use.
Preventing Sexual Harassment
All employees of the university (faculty; TEAMS/USPS; and all OPS, including general, students and academic) are expected to complete this training and receive University of Florida training compliance certification.
FERPA Basics: Privacy and Education Records in the Sunshine State
UF Health Information Privacy Training Completion Certificate Lookup

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