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The HHMI Science for Life Graduate Student Mentor Award (Gauna HHMI Award)

Up to ten graduate students per year are recognized with the HHMI Graduate Student Awards. These awards recognize graduate students who participate in research and publication opportunities in the life sciences, in collaboration with undergraduates. Graduate Student Mentor Award. The HHMI Science for Life Graduate Student Mentor Award recognizes graduate students who mentor undergraduates on research projects in the STEM disciplines that merit co-authorship on papers published in peer-reviewed journals. Graduate students who receive awards are recognized during a UF commencement ceremony each year. To be eligible, applicants must be enrolled at the University of Florida as a graduate student in the semester in which they apply for the award.

Benefits include:

•$500 Award for continued research and involvement with undergraduates.

•Participation in award ceremonies.

•Opportunity to mentor additional students in the Science for Life Program is possible.

•Involvement in events designed to share and discuss their work with the public.