National Institute of Health & National Institute of Dental & Craniofacial Research Rankings

The UF College of Dentistry ranks consistently in the top 10 dental schools, receiving research funding from the NIDCR. Although NIDCR is our primary source of federal funding, the College also receives external support from a plethora of federal agencies, industry and foundations. The NIH and NIDCR are the primary sources of federal research funding for many academic dental institutions and dental schools.

In addition to NIH/NIDCR rankings, the college tracks NIH rankings via The Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research (BRIMR). The NIH rankings include award data from all NIH Institutes; the College also receives funding from multiple NIH agencies such as: NINDS, NIA, and NIAID. Information contained in the BRIMR award files was obtained from the NIH’s Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tool (RePORT). The NIH award funding for this data does not include individual sub-recipient agreements awarded as part of a larger consortium.

Blue ridge

Source: Blue Ridge Medical Research Rank & Funding Amount

Bludge Ridge Institute for Medicine

In federal year 2016 (October 2015-September 2016) the College ranked (7) in funding for dental schools and (9) in funding for academic institutions.

Source: NIDCR/NIH Ranking for Academic Institutions Dental Schools

Source: NIDCR/NIH Ranking for Dental Schools 

*Forsyth Institute is considered an oral health research institute.