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Recent Awards Granted to Faculty



Dr. Jorge Frias-Lopez, department of Oral Biology received a 2.5 million dollar grant from NIH/NIDCR entitled “Dysbiosis of the subgingival microbiome: host-microbial metatranscriptomic, analysis during periodontal disease progression and post periodontal treatment” (R01DE021553).  The project focuses on the interactions between organisms and host during periodontitis progression, in order to develop specific treatments against disease. The five-year study originated at The Forsyth Institute, involving collaborations with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Kentucky.

Dr. Bernadett Papp, department of Oral Biology, was awarded $152,500 from NIH/NICHD for a two year study entitled “Functional dissection of the mechanism that lead to loss of somatic cell identity” (R03HD088380).  The aims of the project are to reveal the mechanism of loss of somatic cell identity, and to lay the foundation for rational design of defined mediums to control specific cell fate changes in vitro.


Drs. Jose Lemos and Shannon Wallet, Oral Biology, received a $20,000 seed grant from the UFCD Office of Research. The one-year award title, “Enterococcus faecalis pathogenesis in wound infections.”



Dr. Gill Diamond, department of Oral Biology, was awarded $25,000 from the UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute.  The one-year grant is for a pilot project entitled “In vivo imaging method for rapid preclinical screenings of antifungal drugs in mice.”



Dr. Frank Gibson, Oral Biology received $172, 802 from NIH/NIDCR for the award entitled “PPARs and periodontal disease” (R21DE024275).   The two-year project originated at Boston Medical University with the remaining year transferred to UFCD.




Dr. Jean-Francois Roulet, Director, Center for Dental Biomaterials received two corporate awards to study the effects of wear in dental biomaterials. Ivoclar provided $18,559 for the “Wear of two basic composites and a glass ionomer posterior restoratives.   Ultradent awarded Dr. Roulet $27,450 for the project entitled “Wear of six commercial composite restorative resins.”



Esquivel22337_160Dr. Josephine Esquivel-Upshaw, Associate Professor, Restorative Dental Sciences, received a 2016 UF Division of Sponsored Programs Opportunity Fund award for the project entitled “Novel coating to minimize bacterial adhesions and tooth wear in denture acrylic.” The two year award was funded for $89,000.  Dr. Esquivel is collaborating with Dr. Ren Fan in Chemical Engineering and Dr. Luciana Shaddox in Periodontics.



????????????????????????????????????Dr. Patricia Xirau-Probert, Assistant Dean for Student and Multicultural Affairs received $415,000 from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for the project titled, “Florida’s roadmap to a diverse health workforce: Summer health professions education program.” Dr. Xirau-Probert will coordinate with all six Health Science Center colleges to provide a six-week summer residential program for 80 under-represented minority and/or disadvantaged college students.


Dr. Roger FillingimDr. Roger Fillingim, Director of the Pain Research and Intervention Center of Excellence (Community Dentistry and Behavioral Sciences) is collaborating with Dr. Kimberly Sibille, Department of Aging and Geriatric Research (UF Institute on Aging) on a NIH project entitled “Health disparities in osteoarthritis: Biological aging, stress and pain – modulation by resilience factors” .  This National Institute of Aging award provides Dr. Fillingim with $191,721 for a five year period.


McHugh_Kevin_webDr. Kevin McHugh, Associate Professor in the department of Periodontology received a $19,139 seed grant from the College. The award is for the project entitled “Is epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) involved in periodontal disease?”



rouletDr. Jean-Francois Roulet, Director of the Center for Dental Biomaterials (Restorative Dental Sciences), received $18,559 from the Ivoclar-Vivadent corporation. The one-year award is for the study entitled “Wear of two basic composites and glass ionomer posterior restoratives.”



bartleyDr. Emily Bartley, Research Assistant Professor in Community Dentistry and Behavioral Sciences received a NIH pathway to independence award (K99AG052642) from the National Institute on Aging.  Initially, the award is for two years at $232,764, with a potential of another three years of funding.  Dr. Bartley is mentored by Drs. Roger Fillingim and Joe Riley in the UFCD Pain Research and Intervention Center of Excellence.  The award affords Dr. Bartley the opportunity to work with other HSC research areas in physical therapy, aging and geriatrics, and clinical and health psychology.

Dr. Micaela Gibbs, Clinical Associate Professor, Community Dentistry and Behavioral Sciences received an award for $1,270,013 from HRSA, a five year project entitled “Impacting the delivery of oral health care to individuals with special needs through education and recruitment of dental faculty in the University of Florida College of Dentistry partnership sites” (T93HP30396). The purpose of this grant is to increase the delivery of oral health care to underserved individuals, with an emphasis on persons with special needs in Florida. This is achieved by providing supportive faculty development opportunities and loan repayment funding to individuals planning to or currently working within the UF’s College of Dentistry’s existing statewide partnership network of community health facilities committed to improving the delivery of oral care to this population.


colmerwinterCristina Colomer-Winter, Graduate Assistant in the Department of Oral Biology, received an award for the American Heart Association entitled “Significance of manganese homeostasis to enterococcus faecalis systemic infections.” The award is for a two year period and totals $51,900.  Cristina is mentored by Dr. Jose Lemos, Associate Professor in the Department of Oral Biology.


walletDr. Shannon Wallet, Associate Professor, Department of Oral Biology, received a subaward from Dr. Thomas Clanton, Department of Applied Physiology and Kinesiology, College of Health and Human Performance, for the NIH/NIGMS project entitled “Functional role of skeletal muscle in the innate immune response to sepsis”.   Dr. Wallet will receive $109,407 over a four year period.



Dr. Laura Bowden, Resident in Orthodontics, received $5,000 from the American Association of Orthodontics Foundation. The one year project is entitled “Operant Behavioral Instrument for Measuring Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain.” Read more:



Dr. Pamela Sandow, Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid, received a renewal of the HRSA financial aid program entitled Scholarships for disadvantaged students. The funding totals $2,591,946 for a four year period.




Dr. Robert Burne, Chair, Department of Oral Biology, received $50,000 from the UF Division of Sponsored Research as matching funds for the UFCD NIH Institutional Training Grant (T90DE021990). The funding is available for a one year period and will support an additional fellowship appointment.