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walletShannon Wallet, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Oral Biology

Shannon Wallet’s research is focused on mechanisms associated with altered innate immune functions, leading to dysregulated adaptive immunity. Through her independent and collaborative research programs she has been involved at some level in investigating the basic biology of health, multiple autoimmune conditions, auto inflammation, sepsis, exercise induced inflammation and most recently, cancer. A major focus for Wallet is understanding intestinal immune regulation, under conditions of health versus disease, in the context of type 1 diabetes. Investigations into these interactions have been hindered by a lack of robust primary cell culture techniques, which Wallet’s laboratory has most recently been able to overcome.  Wallet also studies altered immunological mechanisms  leading to tissue destruction in the context of periodontal disease. 
With funding from the NIDCR and American Diabetes Association (ADA), Wallet has demonstrated that oral epithelial cells play a central role in regulating oral inflammation and its resolution, and has begun to decipher osteoclast specific mechanisms associated with excessive bone destruction observed in periodontal disease of individuals with type 1 diabetes.
Wallet also investigates the subversion of immunity involved in pancreatic cancer. With additional funding from the UF-sponsored Team Science Project (UF TSP) and American Cancer Society Career Development Awards (ACS CDA), Wallet has generated data allowing her to develop personalized targeting nanomedicines as well as to decipher the mechanisms associated with pancreatic cancer specific suppression of the innate immune system, allowing for the progression of disease and metastases.Wallet is keen to utilize her expertise to bring together multiple research communities with the goal of advancing human health.

New Processes for UF Award Administration

important announcementBeginning July 6, 2016 the University is implementing the final phase of UFirst, the web-based system for managing UF’s sponsored programs. This phase involves the creation and maintenance of sponsored awards received via the UF Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP). All active awards will be converted and available for viewing and management when the system is available.

Please be advised of the following:

  • DSP will no longer issue notice of awards (NOAs) via an email with a PDF NOA attached. Principal Investigators (PI) will receive emails via the UFirst system with directives for establishing a new award.
  • All business and compliance processes related to proposal submission and award administration will be managed via the UFirst website.
  • Online Financial Conflict of Interest statements must be completed by ALL Key Personnel prior to the release of any award. Note: this requirement has been expanded to include ALL awards, not just federal, per a State of Florida’s directive. In addition, the PI will complete the Award Compliance form in UFirst. Visit the following instruction guides for more information:
  • All required training will be tracked in the UFirst module. DSP will not release awards until all training is complete.  If you are unaware of what training(s)  you need, visit the Research Training Utility website (RSH220 & RSH260 are mandatory for all PIs).
  • IRB and IACUC approvals will be monitored in UFirst.
  • All correspondence regarding a specific award should be submitted through the award record in UFirst. This includes (but not limited to) requests for extensions, budget modifications, cost accounting exemptions and correspondence to sponsors that require institutional acknowledgement.
The Office of Research expects faculty to contact the office for assistance with these requirements. Staff is prepared to facilitate this transition and looking forward to operating in a more robust electronic system.

Resources to help:

If you have questions or concerns contact:

Katherine A. Galloway 

Associate Director for Research Administration
352-294-5442 or contact the Office of Research

Funding Announcements 

NIH has recently issued two F30 FOAs:

In response to the Physician Scientist Workforce Working Group recommendations, NIH is issuing two F30 FOAs to provide funding opportunities for dual-degree students at different institutions with or without active, NIH-funded dual-degree training programs. Specifically:

If you have an active T32 or T90 DSTP program, any dual degree DDS/DMD-PhD student would submit F30 applications in response to PA-16-305. If your institution does NOT have an active T32 or T90 DSTP program, any dual degree DDS/DMD-PhD student would submit F30 applications in response to 16-306.


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