2014 Research Opportunity Incentive Seed Fund: College of Dentistry Call for Proposals

Published: October 14th, 2013

Category: Recent Awards Granted to Faculty, Research Funding Opportunity

The UF Office of Research announces the 2014 Research Opportunity Seed Fund competition.

The Research Opportunity Seed Fund targets interdisciplinary, faculty-initiated research initiatives with potential for extramural support. The program focuses on new projects and/or new collaborative partnerships.

Projects should be innovative, support institutional mission goals, have strong potential for garnering future funding from external sources, OR have outstanding commercial potential. Opportunity Fund awards are not intended to support on-going projects – they should support new projects (not a supplement to current research) and/or new collaborative partnerships. The proposal must emphasize novel research. To be competitive, proposals must be multi-/interdisciplinary and involve faculty from at least two departments/units/colleges. Single-investigator proposals are not eligible.

Proposals may be submitted by any UF faculty member (PI) eligible to submit a proposal to an external funding agency (see Policy on Eligibility to Submit Proposals).

A two-step review process for the 2014 Research Opportunity Fund will be implemented:

  • To increase the participation and input of the colleges in the selection process, each college will select their best proposals through an internal screening process. Faculty interested in applying to the Opportunity Fund should contact their Associate Dean for Research for information on their college’s internal selection procedures and deadline.
  • Proposals selected by the colleges will be submitted to the Office of Research and will undergo a uniform central scientific review by faculty panels.

The number of proposals submitted by each college is based upon each college’s extramural award performance in the previous fiscal year. The maximum number of proposals allocated to each college for the 2014 competition is provided below.

Total awards received (FY 2012-2013) = Number of proposals allocated per College:

  • < $5M = 1 per college – Business, Design, Construction & Planning, Florida Museum of Natural History, Fine Arts, Health & Human Performance, Journalism & Communications, Law, Nursing, Center for Latin American Studies, UF Libraries
  • $5M – $10M = 2 per college – Pharmacy
  • $10M – $25M = 3 per college – Education, Dentistry, Public Health & Health Professions, Medicine-Jacksonville, Veterinary Medicine
  • $25M – $50M = 4 per college – Liberal Arts & Sciences,
  • $50M – $75M = 5 per college – Engineering
  • $75M – $100M = 6 per college – N/A
  • $100M – $150M = 7 per college – Agricultural and Life Sciences
  • $150M – $200M = 8 per college – N/A
  • $200M – $250M = 9 per college – N/A
  • More than $250M = 10 per college – Medicine-Gainesville

The UFCD will be allowed to submit a total of three proposals for this year. All Opportunity Fund awards will be administered over a two-year period. No extensions will be allowed. PIs who received Opportunity Fund awards are not allowed to submit another Opportunity Fund proposal as the PI for two years.  For example, a PI who received an award in April 2013 cannot submit another proposal until the 2015 competition (announced by the Office of Research in Fall 2014).  Research opportunity fund proposals must be submitted to the UF Office of Research by the UFCD Office of Research by 5 p.m. on Wednesday, January 15, 2014.  Because these are internal awards, proposals should not be submitted to the UF Office of Research via the UF PeopleSoft system. They will be entered in PeopleSoft if funded. Every effort will be made to notify Principal Investigators of their award status by April 30, 2014.

Proposals must specifically list the sources of external support that will be pursued and the tentative date of submission for seeking external support.

  • Courtesy, Adjunct, Visiting and OPS faculty; Assistant In, Associate In, Senior Associate In; Research Associates; and Postdoctoral Associates are not eligible to be PIs on Opportunity Fund awards; they may participate as co-PIs or co-investigators. To avoid potential conflicts of interest in the selection process, Deans at all levels (Assistant, Associate, etc.) are not eligible to participate.

The College of Dentistry, Office of Research will conduct an internal review through a two step process:

  •   Step 1 . Initial full proposal due no later than 5:00 pm on Tuesday, November 26, 2013
  1.  Each submitted proposal must be assembled in the sequence listed in the detailed instructions found in the full proposal guidelines (link listed below and attached).
  2.  Formatting requirements:  Single spacing; font size no smaller than 11 point; minimum 0.5 inch margins; tables and figure legends can be in 10 point.
  3.  Proposals must be e-mailed in Word or PDF format only as ONE file (name file: 2014_OppFund_PI last name) to Beverly Davies (bdavies@dental.ufl.edu) no later than 5:00 pm on Tuesday, November 26, 2013.
  4. All submitted proposals will undergo an internal review by the UFCD Research Committee and three will be selected for submission to the UF Office of Research.
  •  Step 2. Final Revised full proposals due no later than 5:00 pm on Wednesday, January 15, 2014
  1.  Final revised full proposals must be e-mailed in Word or PDF format only as ONE file (name file: 2014_OppFund_PI last name) to Beverly Davies (bdavies@dental.ufl.edu) no later than 5:00 pm on Monday, January 13, 2014.
  2.  A signed DSR-1 form is required and may be scanned and submitted as a separate file (or it may be faxed, delivered or mailed to the UFCD Office of Research).  Please ensure that all faculty contributing time to the project, as well as their chairs and deans sign the DSR-1 form.
  3.  Selected proposals will be electronically submitted by the UFCD Office of Research to the UF Office of Research by the Wednesday, January 15, 2014 deadline.
  4.  Proposals submitted to the UF Office of Research will undergo a uniform central scientific review by faculty panels.
  5.  Please keep in mind that proposals should be written in a manner appropriate for an interdisciplinary review panel.


Guidelines and Review Criteria